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Frank was initially "dropped on" in 1997 when the previous Secretary left at short notice, leaving Frank to organise a visit from Gothenburg Police MVC with little time to make all the arrangements.

His efforts were obviously very successful as he has remained as the Choir Secretary ever since. Frank joined Lancashire County Constabulary in 1971 and was posted to Rochdale where he remained until 1978, becoming part of the newly formed Greater Manchester Police in 1974. He then joined a Catholic registered charity, the Across Trust and drove a Jumbulance, an ambulance the size of a coach, until rejoining Greater Manchester Police in 1981.

Frank retired from the force in September 2004, having served for 30 years in all. He joined the Highways Agency in October 2005 patrolling the motorways in the North West as a Traffic Officer. He retired in October 2013. Frank has been married to Margaret for just over 50 years, having celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in July 2023. As Secretary of the Trustees, Frank deals with choir bookings and visits from other choirs, as well as visits and tours by GMPMVC at home and overseas, including arranging hotel bookings, flights and general logistics. He is also responsible for maintaining the agendas and minutes of meetings together with the Choir Diary.

Treasurer: Jeff Pearce
Other Trustees
Barrie Hughes
James Martin
Ged Sweeney
Phillip Porter
Eric Walford
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